Digital Twins and Model Based innovation

We help you take advantage of advanced modelling, simulation and optimization tools.

Consulting and Software Services

Development of digital twins

We have ample experience with the development and deployment of digital twins, as well as in using them to realize the technological vision of our customers.

We can help you develop and deploy digital twins

  • for visualization, data acquisition and analysis,
  • for system optimization
  • for optimal control and scheduling

Support and maintenance of model based software

If you have custom code that performs mathematical calculations, we can fix bugs, port to new architectures or extend with new capabilities. No matter how old or 'badly written'. We take almost any piece of software wreckage and make it sail again.


We have experience devleoping and maintaining software written in the following languages:

Python, C, C++, Fortran, Java, Javascript (it happens), Matlab, C#, Common Lisp and many more.

Various types of machine learning, optimization using linear programming, as well as mixed integer linear and nonlinear programming.

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